Classics lecture on Ancient Cooking Pots and Technologies!

On Thursday March 3, in Room FG-Bo6o (the Faubourg Bldg. at 1616 St Catherine St. W), from 1:15pm to 2:30pm, Jerolyn Morrison (University of Leicester and the Institute for Aegean Prehistory in Pachei Ammos, Crete) will be giving a lecture entitled “Cooking Up New Perspectives for Late Minoan Domestic Activities: An Experimental Approach to Understanding the Possibilities and Probabilities of Ancient Cook-Pot Use.”

Morrison’s presentation integrates archaeological evidence for cook-pots from the Late Minoan House A.1 at Papdiokampos in East Crete with replication experiments for the reconstruction of ancient Minoan pottery and cooking practices…The evidence from House A.1 provides rare insight into the individualized ways humans, even within the same culture, and in this exceptional case the same structure, employed different cooking technologies. Morrison will present the results of her experimental work replicating cooking equipment and the effort necessary to gather the ingredients and prepare the meals. This evidence, she argues, provides a new basis for discussing variations in cooking assemblages in late Minoan Houses and understanding the choices behind these different technologies.

Modern Greek and Minoan versions of lentils will be served!

More info: Facebook /Poster


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