School is back!

Hey students,

Well school is back now, and we are planning some great things this year.  There will be a Fall Meet and Greet, the turn out from last year was excellent, and we are looking for some new faces to show up this year!

This year we will also be offering a “Brown Bag Lunch” lecture series.  These will be lectures given by the university professors.  The talks will mostly be on the research projects of the professors.  The first lecture though will be given by Professor Harrison, and it will be on how to get into masters programs.  This information will be good for students graduating, and newly admitted students wanting to know how to structure their university programs.  The dates and times will be posted soon!

The CCSA has newly joined Twitter, and we are very excited about this.  The account name is ConcordiaCCSA.  As the year progresses we will be updating the Facebook site, this website, and twitter continuously so keep coming back and checking out what we have to offer.

Not only this! But we also have a new facebook page for you all to like (I know! Who would have thought?).  The address for the page is:

We cannot wait to see you all out at the events, and to hear from you all!


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