Want to be part of the CCSA? Let us know NOW!

Hi all! Nearly all members of the CCSA are graduating this year. While that’s great for us (!), it means that nearly all executive positions on the association will be vacant come May. We will be holding elections to fill these positions for the next academic year in March, but if you’re interested in running for election to any of the positions described below, it is advisable to contact us as of now at ccsa@asfa.ca. Remember, being part of a student association is a great way to get to know your program’s Faculty and Staff, as well as your fellow students. It will add weight to your references from professors and no doubt also looks GREAT as valuable administrative experience on any CV!

President:  The president shall be the main representative of the Association to its Membership.  This person is to be the record keeper for all meetings.  The President’s main job revolves around coordinating the other members of the group to make sure all tasks are being performed. The President will be a main actor in the interactions with other Member Associations and, on occasion, with professors. The President will also hold responsbility over making changes to the by-laws.

VP Finance The VP Finance shall hold responsbility over the financial matters of the Association and will govern control over the association funds. 

VP Academic Affairs:  The VP Academic will be charged with organizing any activities that relate to academics such as guest lectures and other such activities that revolve around the Concordia Campus.

VP Social:  The VP Social will hold responsibility over organizing all social gatherings. This entails coordinating, planning and being in charge of all non-academic activities (i.e., pub socials, movie screenings) that occur inside or outside of the Concordia environment.

VP Internal Affairs: The VP Internal will be charged with attending all ASFA meetings, being an ASFA Councilor representing CCSA and dealing with the ASFA Executive.  She or he will also be an integral part of sitting on oversight committees and interacting with other Member Associations. This VP will also be responsible for attending all Classics, Modern Languages, and Linguistics Department meetings with the faculty as a representative of the students.

VP Communications: The VP communications will be the person in charge of updating the website and facebook page regularly, reading and answering email, postering, and any other form of communication for all events with the Membership.


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