Upcoming Lecture – Dr. Greg Fisher

The CCSA is proud to welcome Dr. Greg Fisher from Carleton University.  His lecture will take place during the class period of Dr. Harrison’s Late Antiquity course.  The details are as follows:

Dr. Greg Fisher
“The Arabs Between Rome, Himyar and Iran in the Pre-Islamic Era.”
Monday 12th March
2:45 – 4:00 PM 
Hall Building – Room H-619 

Dr. Greg Fisher has just published a book entitled: “Between Empires: Arabs, Romans, and Sasanians in Late Antiquity.”  He completed his BA and MA at McGill, before studying for a D. Phil. under the supervision of Averil Cameron at Keble College, Oxford. His thesis work focused on the relationship between the two main Arab clients (Jafnids and Nasrids) of the Roman and Iranian empires in Late Antiquity (c. 400-700), with particular emphasis on the religious, cultural, and political consequences of imperial alliance for these two groups. His area of academic expertise is the history of the Roman Empire, and, in particular, the political and cultural history of the Empire in the Late Antique period. His current research interests include the relationships between large empires and smaller groups in Late Antiquity, and the formation of political identities on the fringes of the Roman Empire.


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